About Us

Each person is only one of approximately 7 billion people on earth. Each one of us is infinitely small! And yet one individual’s actions can change a few billion people’s lives. Like a drop of ink rippling outwards in water, our influence can potentially be felt by those other 7 billion drops on earth. Together, our actions can bring incredible positive change to the world. In fact, not just positive change, we can literally transform the world we live in now and across centuries to come.

(Wilson, Rama, Nishta)


Why GoodRipple?

  • We each had relative success in life, education and career. Yet we felt something missing. This became an existential question for us – why am I here and how do I spend my time? We found that what seemed important to us was in fact the same for many others: for instance, 40% of Americans report not having a satisfying life purpose (Gallup 2013) and this remains one of the biggest problems in the world. We figured we experienced this sense of emptiness because we were not making enough time for more “meaningful” acts. Recent research suggests that making a difference to the lives of others can lead to purpose, meaning and long-term happiness. We have been working hard at GoodRipple to enhance the ways in which we can all make a positive difference in the lives of others and create a better world.

Meet the Team?

  • Rama

    My Hero: (outside of my ancestors) Lord William Wilberforce (if you are interested, would love to talk to you about it)
    Formal Education: Proud alumnus of Balliol College, Oxford University and The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business (MBA)
    My journey so far: From small tropical island of Mauritius to the UK, career in law and banking in the great “City” of London, now having to endure this endlessly predictable California weather in the Bay Area slighly-smile.png

  • Wilson (Advisor)

    Epicurus believed all someone needed to be happy was some cheese, figs and a few friends. While I do love a good story, I still prefer to try to predict the future by inventing it. Indeed the underlying driver in my life has always been to create something out of nothing. Ideally this something would be at the confluence of doing good while doing well. Hopefully along the way I will have the chance to enjoy some cheese, figs and maybe a little help from my friends.

    Formal Education: Yale grad, Wharton MBA, Lauder Alum

    Being born on the tiny island of Mauritius gave me a wanderlust that took me onto peripatetic journeys towards horizons. Continuing the tradition of a family of immigrants originating from China, I traveled across continents to meet as many people and discover as many cultures as I could. While trying to make the world my oyster, I have discovered that my greatest passion in life still remains the desire to touch people’s lives in a positive way. Hence GoodRipple.

  • Nishta (Advisor)

    I live in NYC with my family and am active in the entrepreneurial scene having co-founded two companies in the past 3 years. I grew up in Mauritius and have lived and worked in France, the UK and the US. I hold a Master’s in Chemistry from Imperial College in London and an MBA from INSEAD in France. I have more than 10 years’ successful brand and business management experience working in both blue chip and emerging companies.

    GoodRipple has reunited me with two trusted old friends, Rama and Wilson, who I practically grew up with. Am excited about GoodRipple because I realize that teaching my children to be kind towards others is the first step towards helping them become responsible citizens of the world.

  • Raj Raghunathan (Science Advisor) about-stick

    Dr. Raj Raghunathan is Professor of Marketing at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. He is interested in exploring the impact that people’s judgments and decisions have on their happiness and fulfillment. Raj’s work has appeared in top journals, including The Journal of Marketing, The Journal of Consumer Research, The Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Information Systems Research, and The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. His work has also been cited in several mass media outlets, including The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times, and has been interviewed for his views on a variety of topics in outlets such as The Atlantic, Washington Post, Fortune, Time, and NPR.

    Raj writes about his views on happiness, creativity, and leadership on his popular Psychology Today blog (with over 1 million page views), Sapient Nature. His six-week long Coursera course on happiness (titled, A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment)currently has over 125,000 registered students from all 196 countries in the world, and was recently voted the Top MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) of 2015. Raj’s book (titled, If you’re so smart, why aren’t you happy?) was released worldwide in Spring of 2016.

  • You

    You make this new world possible slighly-smile.png.