Hello, I am GoodRipplebuddy – Your Kindness Bot

I will encourage you to do nice things for others a lot, and help you be Happier

Ready to exercise your kindness and social muscles?

This is how I will help you:


Every Day, I will give you ideas for kind acts you can do!

For example, choose from:

  1. Help a colleague at work who is overwhelmed

  2. Smile to people even if you are busy!

You can create your own GoodRipple actions and get others involved – you are in the driving seat


You keep track of your GoodRipple score

You keep track of your



Easy to be social with your co-workers: see who else is involved and do GoodRipples together!

Science of happiness

Why be kind and social you ask? My science advisors tell me being kind makes us live more meaningfully

E.g., A study shows that people giving money to others instead of keeping for themselves felt happier ( I will send you my bank account details shortly working-face.png )

Expressing gratitude also leads to more meaning and connection in your life

We believe in this: By the co-workers for the co-workers grinning-face.png

Want to make your workplace better?

Something you can send to your leaders (feel free to tweak Andrew’s message):

‘Hi [leader], I am writing to you because you are a leader who cares about employee wellbeing. I came across a Slack bot, GoodRipple, which helps teams do kind acts every day and helps people be happier. I tried GoodRipple out and love it! Could we have GoodRipple bot added to our Slack?. Thanks!’ (Andrew’s DM to Sara, CEO of startup in San Francisco)

You are a CEO or Culture & People leader who values employee wellbeing and good culture

Happier teams lead to better financial performance for your company. We make it easy for your team to develop a kind & collaborative culture victory-hand.png. If you would like to learn more, click here to request the GoodRipple report on workplace wellbeing.

Join the other cool teams who are making a positive impact and
helping their teams be happier!

I am excited to get to know you. I am one click away (no prime delivery needed) – I am on Slack

Any questions or if you want to talk:

[email protected]